The late night talk show hosted by Leticia aka Legslelicious, Ms Lesh, Browns, Blu Eyes & Angel
a collective of 5 amazing ladies all with vibrant characteristics that vibe off each other. The Sunday talk show began back in 2014 and aired the first show on Valentines weekend. Recently we’ve added the Ting-a-ling music show on Thursday’s 11-1AM.
The l8nighttalkshow focuses on the community and is a platform where anyone can bring forth topics of interest, awareness & enlightenment. We like to change things up so while some shows may focus on serious issues others focus on lighter ones as you got to have a balance. Some days it’s all joke and bants and on other days opinions may clash but that’s what keeps the listeners tuned in… as you never know what your gonna get!

As the L8nighttalkshow grows so will our community presence as the vision develops and makes it mark!
We Thank you for the love and support received as it’s greatly appreciated and only fuels us to go harder & engage further with our community!

Stay locked and tune in to the L8nigntalkshow every Sunday 9-11pm and the ‘Tin ah Ling Show’ everyThursday 11-1am.

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email: thelatenighttalkshow@gmail.com